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JUDY AND MABEL in New York City

Flavius B. Hall, Jr.

"Judy and Mabel" is the amazing tale of two middle-aged spinster sisters, Judy and Mabel Jones from New Bern, North Carolina, who venture to New York City for a week's vacation in the summer of 1969. This is their first time ever traveling that far north so they have no experience of being in "The Big City of Manhattan." After timidly approaching their aging parents with their grand vacation idea, they soon found themselves being warned again and again, “do not talk to strangers, keep your money hidden in your garter belts, say your daily prayers, and above all else, behave like nice, respectable, Southern church going ladies!” And these warnings came not only from their folks but also from all over their small town. They were warned by their neighbors, the mailman, the butcher, the butter and egg man, the ladies in their Sunday School class, but most especially by their Preacher! They took these warnings to heart. So, soberly, but with butterflies in their stomachs, they began to make their plans to travel, by bus of course, from New Bern, N.C. to “The Big Apple.”

When the long anticipated day arrived it seemed like the whole town had turned out to see them off at the bus station in New Bern! With one shared suitcase and make-up case, a Brownie camera, their pocketbooks, a map of Manhattan, a shoebox packed with Mom's homemade strawberry jam sandwiches, economy size jar of peanut butter, various snacks, and a huge styrofoam cup filled with hot boiled peanuts, they climbed the steps to what felt like a chariot. They quickly settled into their green naugahyde seat, waved their white gloved hands out the window and they were off in a cloud of exhaust to New York City!

Judy and Mabel in NY by Flavius Hall

A common scene from the story will find Mabel perched on the edge of their hotel room bed at the Time Square Economy Hotel, writing a letter home each evening, reading it out loud as she wrote. The missives were short and straight to the point. They will consist of the many mishaps and calamities that Judy and Mabel experienced while in the city that very day, including such events as an accident in Central Park, their taxi cab ride, New York City Subway, and even their encounter with street muggers!

Each letter always contains a surprise ending as Judy enters the hotel room. No matter the misfortune, no matter the catastrophes that occurred that day, their optimistic spirit would soar above it all and they would, in unison, finish each letter with, “We Love New York!”

So, climb aboard the Seashore Bus, and experience this fascinating and incredible tale. Enjoy the astonishing journey and the hilarious encounters of Mabel and Judy while in New York City. You may want to bring

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