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Precious Lord, Take My Hand: The Story of Martha Hall Jenkins

Precious Lord, Take My Hand: The Story of Martha Hall Jenkins is the true story of a remarkable Christian woman, Martha Lina Hall Jenkins, written compassionately by her brother, Flavius Hall, Jr. (F.B.). Powerful and poignant, this labor of love captures the essence of Martha as a caring and devoted daughter, wife, mother, aunt, sister, cousin, teacher, colleague and friend. F.B. chronicles Martha's life story as a brilliant nationally known watercolorist, exemplary National Board Certified art educator and dedicated church leader. But tragically, a few years before her retirement, Martha was given the devastating news that she had cervical cancer. Thus, in December of 2002, she began a personal and courageous fight against this dreadful disease. more

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Judy and Mabel in New York City

"Judy and Mabel" is the amazing tale of two middle-aged spinster sisters, Judy and Mabel Jones from New Bern, North Carolina, who venture to New York City for a week's vacation in the summer of 1969. This is their first time ever traveling that far north so they have no experience of being in "The Big City of Manhattan." After timidly approaching their aging parents with their grand vacation idea, they soon found themselves being warned again and again, “do not talk to strangers, keep your money hidden in your garter belts, say your daily prayers, and above all else, behave like nice, respectable, Southern church going ladies!” And these warnings came not only from their folks but also from all over their small town. more

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Sins I Had to Avoid cover image

Sins I Had to Avoid is everyone's story of growing up and then reflecting back on the manner in which they were raised. For those of you that remember the 50s and 60s, especially if you grew up in the "South," you will be sure to relive those magical years on your own "Middle Street," watching your first television program, going to the Saturday night drive-in movies or buying your favorite 45 records. If you were one of the unfortunate ones and were born much later, never experiencing those unique decades, never fear. By reading this book you too can have a wonderful journey through the hills and valleys of true American history, taken from the ever famous Baby Boomers’ perspective. more

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The Real Captain Charlie by Flavius B. Hall Jr.

The Real Captain Charlie is every American's story of family love, faith, grief, support, disappointment, sorrow, pride, strength, triumph, and the true comprehension of "belonging." Captain Charlie Buckmaster, Sr. along with his loving wife Beatrice, their dedicated children, caring family members, and special and supportive friends all helped to carve the real Captain Charlie into a lasting legacy and icon for Swansboro. more

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Mama, Belks and Me

Mama, Belk’s and Me is everyone's family story and the special loving ties that help develop an individual's life. This beautiful story chronicles events and fond memories of the author, Flavius Hall, Jr. in his relationship with his family, and especially his mother, Myrtle Hall, and her love for shopping at Belk’s department store in New Bern, NC.

Included are numerous never published photographs of New Bern Belk Department Store and downtown New Bern. more

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Letters of Love

Letters of Love, During World War II  chronicles the author’s father, Flavius Sr.’s years as a cook in the army in the early 1940s and his marriage to Myrtle during the war. To help tell this beautiful story of family love and to assist in the timeline of events that Flavius, Sr. faced during his Army years, selected stories from his book, The Original Tar Heel Texan are included. more

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Make Me a Blessing - Memories of my Aunt Mae is everyone’s loving story of how a family member can be a strong and continual influence on another’s life. Lila Mae Holland, my mother’s sister taught me how to observe daily life happenings, to believe in my dreams and hopes... more

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In the Sweet By and By is the true story of family love told through the voice of Myrtle Holland Hall, the author’s mother. The story is set in the summer of 1936 in and around Swansboro, North Carolina during the Depression. Myrtle, at fourteen,.... more

Music CD:
In the Sweet By and By
Sarah Hambidge, with her beautiful soprano voice, sings three hymns to accompany the book In the Sweet By and By

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As Long As You Remember is a heart-warming story of a family event that happened on the Hall farm located on the Whittyfield area of Jones County, a few miles from Pollocksville, North Carolina. The story, witnessed and passed down by family members for decades, chronicles the life of Katie Foy Hall.... more

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Flavius Hall has taken his interest in the visual arts and poetry in combining them to offer a glimpse of his life’s “journey.” From his childhood days in New Bern, North Carolina, through majoring in art education, to teaching art, “the arts” have been... more

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