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Letters of Love During World War II

Flavius B. Hall, Jr.

Letters of Love, During World War II  chronicles the author’s father, Flavius Sr.’s years as a cook in the army in the early 1940s and his marriage to Myrtle during the war. To help tell this beautiful story of family love and to assist in the timeline of events that Flavius, Sr. faced during his Army years, selected stories from his book, The Original Tar Heel Texan are included. In addition there are numerous letters, documents, and family photos which offer a wonderful glimpse of the loving and supportive Christian family that both Flavius, Sr. and Myrtle experienced throughout their life, and especially during the years Flavius, Sr. was in the Army.

Included in the book is Margaret Webb’s account of the day in September, 1943 when the family received a telegram from the War Department which informed them that Flavius, Sr. was Missing in Action while overseas in Europe. Margaret, Flavius Sr.’s niece who is presently eighty-nine recalls the overwhelming support from the church and friends at that time. Flavius Sr. explains in the book exactly how he became separated from his company during the battle at Salerno, Italy.

Letters of Love

Flavius writes in referring to the loss of many of his buddies at Salerno and during the War: “There is no word that can describe the feeling, maybe humbleness, respect, honor, despair, revere, defeat, lowly, empty, helpless, nausea, weak, wretched, animosity or even malice might help you to understand. Marvin E. Jones who we called “Genie” was First Sgt. of F. Company. I remember that on New Year’s Day in 1944 he came into the Kitchen for some warm soapy water to clean his carbine and he asked, “Hall, when are you ever gonna learn to make biscuits like my Mama use to make? We would now leave Italy with heavy hearts because we were leaving “Genie” and many of our friends, our buddies in cemeteries under white crosses.”

Other fascinating accounts that are documented in the book such as Flavius’s souvenir of an inkwell given to him by the caretaker of Napoleon Bonaparte’s summer home, Mal Maison Palace, outside of Paris. Flavius also witnessed the eruption of Mount Vesuvius  and brought from Italy a large letter opener attached with lava which is featured in the book as well as a beautiful yellow gold bracelet that he sent Myrtle from Italy.

There are numerous questions that enter one’s mind as he or she reads each of the letters or looks at each photo in this splice of history. As each year passes, more of the answers are buried in time forever. But the legacy that was left through these letters, documents, and photographs will always be cherished and will offer an understanding for future generations.

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