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As Long as You Remember

Flavius B. Hall, Jr.

As Long As You Remember begins as a heart-warming account of day to day farm life during the summer of 1920. The events chronicled in this particular story were witnessed and passed down by family members for many decades, having taken place on the Stephen and Henry Hall farms of the Whitty Field area of Jones County, North Carolina, a few miles from Pollocksville. 

The beautiful yet rustic cover of As Long As You Remember features the Stephen Hall family farm of those days. Remembering her wonderful childhood years spent playing and working on this farm, Hazel Hall Harker, lovingly and skillfully drew this memorable rendition, even recalling details of a porch swing, rocking chairs and tall, shady trees which graced and protected this "Hall Home Place."  Even until of death in 2008 at ninety two years young, Hazel could still vividly recall the event of that summer in 1920 as well as her fond loving childhood which are poignantly described in this story.

 Also included in this book are: 

  • - Photographs of the family members and the Hall Farm
  • - Replicas of special documents
  • - Life of the farming community of the 1920s in Jones County, N.C.
  • - Epilogue

 A favorite inclusion is of the old Christian hymn, "Sweeping Through the Gate."  This comforting song was sung, at the time of the tragedy, by Elvira Hall, Hazel's mother. Its meaningful words resonate throughout the book, offering encouragement as this dear family's Christian faith was challenged. 

  The author's title, As Long As You Remember, is intended to emphasize the importance of family heritage as it repeats the sentiment, "As long as you remember someone, they are never gone."

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